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Here comes another one!

She'll do anything for attention

She'll do anything for attention

It’s a beautiful story and the idea of the imagery is touching. However, in its original caption it stated that “Her sister and handmaidens look[ed] on in horror.”

To me, mostly they look annoyed. Like the one in the upper right corner who looks like she’s thinking “Here we go again” and the lady in the foreground left, who looks like she’s saying “What the heck are you doing?!?!”

I in no way take credit for the story, music, or artwork. I do, however, take full credit for the hilarious caption.



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Back to School

Hello fellow lilies!!!!!

First of all, I owe everyone (on behalf of the other three authors) a huge apology for not updating the site during the past couple weeks. There have been several family celebrations, including a cousin’s wedding, amongst other things. Today is officially the first day back to school, and sadly I am going to have to beg our readers’ patience as we take a little time off from writing on this site until we get used to our new schedules. Please keep all of us – myself, Rose, Ivy, and Honeysuckle – in your prayers. You and your intentions are in ours daily.



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I am slowing coming out of the fog of jetlag (shocked my system out of it yesterday when I let my body have its way and just stayed up for 45 hours without a wink of sleep), and am finally lucid enough to post!

On our second day of Catechesis at WYD, a bishop from Ireland spoke to us. I was actually on the phone with my mom outside of the church, but was able to catch part of his talk. Of course (because God was entirely running things Down Under and we all knew it!) I heard the part I needed to hear and on which I needed to meditation. So I will offer the catalyst as well as the fruit of those meditations for consideration.

During his talk, the bishop said that we should pray every morning to be able to “accept surprises that upset your plans. Shatter your dreams. Give a completely new turn to your day; perhaps your life.” Almost every day of my life – and I’m sure many of you can relate – I am asked some variation of the question what are your dreams? I can never answer; I stumble over my words and make something up that sounds nice. Culture is focused on living your dreams; but what if your dreams aren’t what God desires for you? Something tells me that His “dreams” for a person would be worlds better than anything we can formulate. Thus we should be willing to shatter our dreams daily.

On the other hand, Pope Benedict emphasized in his homily at the Closing Mass that our desires are formed by faith and thus are good in and of themselves. At first I thought this contradicted my earlier train of thought about dreams, but on closer examination it does not. Pope Benedict is assuming that one is taking advantage regularly of the Sacraments. If one is doing this and keeping close to Christ and His will in this way, then one’s desires would (hopefully) match up with Christ’s will and His “dreams”.


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Happy Feast of St. John Vianney!!!! Here is a tidbit from Pope Benedict for today:

There is also something sinister which stems from the fact that freedom and tolerance are so often separated from truth. This is fueled by the notion, widely held today, that there are no absolute truths to guide our lives.

Relativism, by indiscriminately giving value to practically everything, has made ‘experience’ all-important. Yet, experiences, detached from any consideration of what is good or true, can lead, not to genuine freedom, but to moral or intellectual confusion, to a lowering of standards, to a loss of self-respect, and even to despair.

Your very existence has been willed by God, blessed and given a purpose!

It is in this — in truth, in goodness, and in beauty — that we find happiness and joy. Do not be fooled by those who see you as just another consumer in a market of undifferentiated possibilities, where choice itself becomes the good, novelty usurps beauty, and subjective experience displaces truth.

Christ offers more! Indeed he offers everything! Only he who is the Truth can be the Way and hence also the Life.

To read more of the Holy Father’s address upon his arrival in Sydney Harbor on July 17th, follow the link to Zenit.org!


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Dancing with Jesus

We got to see a drama team perform this skit at the Receive the Power concert at WYD08; one of my cousins alerted me to this video on youtube. Enjoy!!!!


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Home again!

Dear lilies!

Honeysuckle and I arrived back in the U.S.A. in the wee small hours of the morning on Tuesday. The life-changing experience of World Youth Day ’08 was absolutely incredible and leaves me nearly speechless. We encountered so many inspiring people from around the world, and the gift of being a part of such a visible sign of the Universal Church was amazing. I hope many of you were able to join us either literally in Sydney or at least via internet video and EWTN coverage.

ALL MY THANKS TO ROSE AND IVY FOR KEEPING UP THE BLOG WHILE WE WERE GONE! I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH! Those were absolutely incredible posts, by the way. :::applause:::

I will be reflecting on our pilgrimage over the next couple weeks on this blog, but if you are interested in a more rambling account of the trip (as I mentioned before I left) feel free to check out my travel blog at Gypsy at Heart.

Blessings and prayers to all!!!!!!! ❤


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Sydney or BUST!!!!

This will be my last post for a couple weeks – Honeysuckle and I leave early tomorrow morning for Sydney, Australia where we will celebrate World Youth Day with upwards of 200,000 youth. Another of our authors, Poppy, will also be there. But Ivy and Rose have promised to hold down the fort while we are gone!

When we return to the States on the 29th, for those of you who are interested, I will be posting my travel log on my “travel blog”, Gypsy at Heart.

Keep us in your prayers as we make this pilgrimage halfway across the world, and we will certainly hold all of you and your intentions in our hearts. Blessings!!!!!


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