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Here comes another one!

She'll do anything for attention

She'll do anything for attention

It’s a beautiful story and the idea of the imagery is touching. However, in its original caption it stated that “Her sister and handmaidens look[ed] on in horror.”

To me, mostly they look annoyed. Like the one in the upper right corner who looks like she’s thinking “Here we go again” and the lady in the foreground left, who looks like she’s saying “What the heck are you doing?!?!”

I in no way take credit for the story, music, or artwork. I do, however, take full credit for the hilarious caption.



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Dancing with Jesus

We got to see a drama team perform this skit at the Receive the Power concert at WYD08; one of my cousins alerted me to this video on youtube. Enjoy!!!!


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Friday Focus on Fashion!

For women:

How can you help but fall in love with these breathtaking little permanent origami earrings? They are beautiful, dainty, and feminine, and look light enough for those of us who can only wear very lightweight earrings. They are only $7 a pair, and the seller offers a plethora of colors. Origami brooches are also available.

And, for men:

I am constantly buying cufflinks for male friends! They make such a trusty gift: every guy wears French cuffs at least once in his life whether he likes it or not, and a pair of nice cufflinks are a must. These awesome vintage watch part cufflinks shown above (one of 59 cufflinks designs by the same artist) would make an amazing gift for a special someone. And, as you know (or perhaps you don’t), exposed watch parts are totally in right now. $65.


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Monroe Street House, Inc., a small group of filmmakers based in NYC, are in the midst of producing a new 7-minute film short entitled “Women of Mystery, Women of Hope”, which will be released this summer.

From the website:

A walk down the streets of any city in the United States shows a striking poverty – the hungry and homeless, poor and hopeless, begging on street corners, side by side with society’s well-off and elite, the spiritually impoverished, who move blindly and unceasingly from workday to workday, both of them without thought to a deeper meaning in their lives.

In these same communities, women in religious vocations embody the mystery, joy, and peace of a life devoted to God. Join us as we follow three orders of Sisters in an ordinary day as they live out their extraordinary call from God: in prayer, daily devotion, community service, and recreation throughout the streets of New York.

“Women of Mystery, Women of Hope” captures the hope inherent to the Sisters’ ministry as they serve all of us – the poor, the lost, the unloved, and the unwanted – through their action and prayer, working daily to transform lives and mend souls, fulfilling the role of the nun as mother and sister in each of our lives, whether we have met her or not.

The film will feature the Missionaries of Charity, the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, and the Sisters of Life. I can’t wait; the idea reminds me of the short film “Fishers of Men” that came out a year or two ago, only this one is about Sisters. Hooray!


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Christ the Exorcist

An image of Christ, banishing the demons into the swine herd. The story was told in this morning’s Gospel readings.


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Happy Feast of St. Joseph

I was away for the feast of St. Joseph, but I thought I would post this beautiful poem anyway in celebration. It gave me a whole new level of appreciation for our dear patron.


Limbo by Fr. Richard, OFM

The ancient grayness shifted suddenly

and thinned like mist upon the moors before a wind.

An old, old prophet lifted a shining face and said:

“He will be coming soon. The Son of God is dead.

He died this afternoon.”

A murmurous excitement stirred all souls.

They wondered if they dreamed –

save one old man who seemed not even to have heard.

And Moses standing, hushed them all to ask

if any had a welcome song prepared.

If not, would David have the task?

And if they cared could not the three young children

sing the Benedicite, the Canticle of praise they made

when God kept them from perishing in the fiery blaze?

And there he was splendid as the morning sun

and fair, as only God is fair. And they, confused with

joy, knelt to adore, seeing that he wore five crimson

stars He never had before.

No canticle at all was sung. None toned a psalm,

or raised a greeting song.

A silent man of all that throng found tongue

not any other.

Close to his heart when the embrace was done

Old Joseph said: “How is your mother,

how is your mother, Son?”

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This is Rose’s first contribution to the site, the contribution of her fantastic talents in photography and in using Photoshop for her creations. The picture is of our god-sister (my parents’ goddaughter) Isabella, thoroughly content to watch her Daddy – her “King” in the words of St. Therese of Lisieux – work in the backyard. Precious.

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