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Welcome Back

Blessings, all!

Honeysuckle, Rose, (hopefully Ivy) and myself are going to try our best to post regularly on this blog once again.

There have been two major changes in my life, at least, in the past year that have affected my spiritual life. First, due to a string of God-incidences, I ended up living in a convent/boarding house for ten months. Although I was still working and studying during this time, it was a sort of lengthy retreat “into the desert” since I had a chapel right beneath my room and I had many opportunities for prayer and quiet time. At the same time, I explored different career paths and had several doors closed in my face. This was very disheartening, but God was leading me towards something far better than I had imagined. I started a new job as a seasonal Park Ranger in May and have never been so happy in my life.

However, life changes always bring new challenges. My biggest challenge these days is making sure that I build time into my day for prayer and quiet time. And, to be honest, some weeks are better than others for me in this respect.

My sister and I look forward to putting time into this blog once again in the near future. Please be assured your prayer intentions have not been forgotten!


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