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Inspired Letter

If you continue to place yourself in [the Lord’s] presence, turning away from the noise and tumult of the world, you will soon find that He is speaking to you quite distinctly. If we wish to hear the voice of God, we must go where he is most readily found: in prayer, silence, Sacred Scripture, the Church, the poor, the hungry, the sick, the ignorant, and the forgotten. You will find Him in all these places, but you will especially need the first four in order to find Him in the others. He is there…all He is waiting to hear is Amen…Fiat…let it be done. This is why Mary is our model, for it was her great Amen at the Annunciation that brought Our Lord and all His blessings upon the world. Be like Mary: listen, hear and say Amen.

The worst thing you can do is be unmindful of the good things God has already given you. Remember that we are headed to heaven! Contemplate heaven like you contemplate your weekend and life will become much easier. Think of it with the same joyful expectation and present concerns will quickly take on their proper proportions.

I got this snippet of a letter from the following blog; Musings of a little Redheaded Girl please visit!

Thanks so much for posting such an inspiring letter! I think I will be going back to reread it a few times a week! Such things we should keep in mind while living our everyday lives!



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