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The fruit of Silence

The fruit of Silence is Prayer.

The fruit of Prayer is Faith.

The fruit of Faith is Love.

The fruit of Love is Service.

~Mother Teresa



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Songs from lifehouse

Here are two more lifehouse videos and songs.  The greatest thing I find with their music is that it can be interpreted as love with anyone, human love with a man and woman or Gods love and our endless need and love  for Him and His love that he showed to us on the cross and in every day!


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Today I looked up in the dictionary a couple of words of which I already knew the meanings: pure, purity, chaste and chastity. We all know the meanings of these words. And many youth ministers and chastity speakers will delve deeply into to what chastity really means. But sometimes it is hard to comprehend what they are saying or remember all that they say when you are faced by temptations in daily life. So if you look through the dictionary or even through your own mind and think of the basic meanings of these words you will find aid in even their basic principles! To be chaste you need strength, it takes a lot of strength! But never…EVER should you seek that strength by yourself or in yourself. You must find that strength with God alone and in God alone,  and with the aid of his saints also.

Think of our beloved St. Joseph and the strength in chastity he must have had from God in order to stay pure even after being married to his wife Mary, whom he loved so much.


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