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Catholic Vote 2008


Hat tip CatholicVote.com.

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John 20:29

I would like to share with you all another excerpt from the Catholic Girl’s Guide. The “Quote of the Day” that Lily posted recently “If we love someone very much, is it necessary that we see him to be thinking of him? -St. John Vianney”, reminded me of something I read in it recently.

            “”You may perhaps  say: “It is my great desire to love God, but how can I do this, as I cannot see Him, nor feel His love for me?” Now tell me whether, if you were on some distant island of the ocean without any hope of ever seeing your beloved mother again, should you on this account cease to love her? Would not the love you feel for her be rather doubled in proportion to the distance which separated you from her?
             Well then, remember that though you cannot see God, who is better than any earthly father can ever be, and though as yet you have never seen Him, nevertheless you experience His love and goodness day by day. Love God with your whole heart, because He is infinitely good.”

What a wonderful way of putting it! I think the excerpt says it all; I do not believe I could elaborate more beautifully on the subject.

“Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” -John 20:29


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