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Friday Focus on Fashion

For the ladies…

Yes, my trend-sensors are going off every time I see a lovely pair of Wellingtons (aka Wellies)! You can either invest in the real thing, The UK Hunter brand Wellingtons for ~$100, or have a look-see at the LL Bean version for $50. The latter do not have the Hunter label, but they are more affordable and received  glowing reviews from customers.

And for men…

Cufflinks!!! Many men have to wear cufflinks for work, and I must say I have a weakness for sprinkling classic fashion with surprising dashes of edgy punk accessories. These cufflinks would do that job effortlessly for only $25.



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Just one more day

You know who I am;

You gave me up for dead that day

I witnessed it within your eyes,

When I stood before you and you looked through me

And so I stood aside, out of the world

Within the crowd I was living in turmoil within myself,

And the world milled about me.

Like a memory I was pushed aside

As the light of more important things came into sight,

Overshadowed and overcome,

Dead within a living my body I couldn’t breathe

You ignored my voice in the blackness

And you stepped out of reach of my pleading grasp,

That reached for you in the dark,

I stood there in the midst of you

In distress

And you did not even glance my way.

I could have changed for the better because of you

Had you simply looked my way,

But you walked by without a thought

To a plea that called for you to be godlike,

and to love me.

I was made useless to the world

because I was ignored by the world.

I should have died on the outside

as much as I had from within.

Would the world have noticed?

The pains of depression clouded my mind

Because I believed I would not have been missed

By those who forgot I existed

before I was even born.

So with no hope I fell into an abyss

Of desolation,

And somehow I didn’t care

But someone reached out and touched my wrist

And a voice answered mine

“Fear not, I still see you”

Though I could not see myself

“Fear not, I still hear you”

When my own ears had gone deaf

“Fear not, I am with you”

When I thought I was falling alone.

For the first time arms wrapped warmly about me

And I was not afraid

To last just one more day


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Blog – 6 Stone Jars

Maybe it’s true that God is still proactively waiting to bring the right person into your life while you continue to encounter those that are apparently not the right one. But I continue to believe this may have a lot to do with free will being used unwisely and causing casualties. Specifically, we are talking about the casualties of the war on marriage and family life. It is my opinion that marriages that should be taking place are not. It’s as simple as that. There are unending reasons why they are not happening (both good and bad reasons) but I believe most of those reasons are avoidable if people would make better free-will decisions. Therefore, a greater understanding of free will, both as a gift given by God and its purpose, is essential.

That from Anthony Buono’s blog, 6 Stone Jars. To read the rest of the article, “Finding a Husband: Mission Impossible”, click here.

The aforementioned article has a lot of really good discussion/thought-provoking points not only for men but for women as well. The question that Mr. Buono is answering is one from a woman: “What are godly men looking for today?” Read the rest of the article (excellent!) and check out the rest of 6 Stone Jars. It is a vaulable resource for young singles!

Hope this helps,


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By Lifehouse

Here are some good songs by a group named Lifehouse. I only listened to a few selected songs so I don’t know if I recommend any others of theirs, but I do know that these ones are good. Enjoy!



You Can Shake the Mountains

~Rose ❤

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First, for the ladies…

I’ve put my trend-prediction hat on and I really believe cloches are the next hip thing (along with high-heeled oxfords, wingtip-inspired pumps, and t-straps)…this one is really cute but a bit pricey at $60. There are cheaper crocheted ones on Etsy as well.

And for the men…

What guy would NOT want this awesome belt buckle? (I realize I often post belt buckles for men’s fashion…I like belt buckles!) And it is only $30, making it an affordable gift.

That’s all for this week, folks!


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Greetings to all the lilies!!!!

I’m terribly sorry for the hiatus and thank you all for your patience. Throughout the last few weeks I have been praying over the intentions in our “prayer intention” section, most of which appear to focus either on financial difficulties or people who are searching for companionship, yearning for “Mr. or Miss Right”. I think it would prove interesting and helpful to address this latter issue.

What does it mean to YOU to be a single person, live the single life, in today’s world? I welcome any and all meanderings, comments, or definitions. Two major “camps” at least can be distinguished: (1) that you sit at home, leave everything up to God, and just wait for Him to dump the right person on your doorstep; and (2) that God made a lot of people in this world that are good people, and you should get out and date as many as you can to find out who is the most compatible with you.

Quite honestly, the second view offends me. I feel it places too much responsibility on the single person to “find the right one” instead of placing trust in God, and also creates this desparate attitude that leads to loneliness and possibly depression about one’s state in life. On the other hand, the first appears lazy to me. One can’t expect God to do all the legwork in life. So what to do?

Surely the key is to live every moment for the glory of God and rely on Him. This is a given. But what about finding the right person? You do not want to get so involved in your own activities that you don’t stay open to relationships. Do you let it come to you or seek it out? How do you answer these questions?


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In Prayerful Memory


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