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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to pray in front of an abortion clinic in the area. What an emotionally charged experience! I had only prayed in front of an abortion clinic once in my life before and it was so many years ago, I don’t really remember what it was like. I was on a sleepover and my friends and I arrived at the same time as the other ladies with whom we were meeting. Immediately and abruptyly, we started with intentions and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. During this time, four people working in the clinic came out and put on bright oranges vests that read “PRO-CHOICE CLINIC ESCORT”. I wasn’t exactly sure what they were doing until the first woman came along, what what looked like her mother with her. Their heads were bowed and they carried medical paperwork. I wanted to cry, especially when the “Pro-Choice Clinic Escorts” rushed them over and into the clinic almost at lighting speed. We continued to pray as the “escorts” ushered in more young women…some with bowed heads, others with heads held hight and a smirk of what looked like defiance.

The “escorts” were almost comical in a painful way; they ate, drank their hot coffee, laughed and talked as loud as they possibly could just to spite us. The beautiful thing was that we prayed all the harder. This, of course, made the escorts really angry so that they did such silly things. For instance; they talked ridiculously loud and as they would escort the women inside, saying, “Sorry you have to deal with the crazies today; the nice weather brings them out.” (Though it was actually FREEZING!!!). The funniest thing they did was try and escort innocent women who were walking down the street only to find that they were not headed for the clinic. Their supposed “Pro-Choice” stance sre didn’t look like much of a choice to me!  They rush the women inside and don’t even give them a second to think about “their” decision.

We prayed for about an hour altogether only to see more and more women brought in; some were noticeably pregnant, some alone, some with family. What was really hard to see was a group of Lation women with their boyfriends going inside. People say abortion hurts the fathers as much as the mothers, but neither in the group looked like they really cared. It makes one want to pray SO hard for these people. They say they didn’t mean to “get pregnant” and want to fix their mistake, but by MURDER?! Because that’s what this is-murder of innocent children who were a “mistake” of the parents. People say they are for women’s rights and that abortion is their choice. Well, you know what? It’s their choice not to do what led them there in the first place! I am so frusterated and confused by  people who think this is the right thing.

We eventually decided we were finished. I decided, with the other teenage girls that were praying that we needed more boys to come. We talked about how it seemed like we were giving up by leaving. But we weren’t; we only continue to pray elsewhere. Some of the girls organized a whole bunch of teenagers in our home school group to meet and pray there again. We go this weekend. Please, I encourage you, to go to an abortion clinic and pray. It’s a hard experience and you leave with so many different feelings inside you, but I promise God will sort them out with you and you will know what to think and do. It’s a serious issue and needs attention. So many babies are murdered every day. Just becuase we don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s a harsh reminder, but go to an abortion clinic, pray and you will see. We need to get together and do something about this, and prayer is the best way to go about anything. Please do. Please pray.

~Honeysuckle ❤


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Happy Feast of St. Joseph

I was away for the feast of St. Joseph, but I thought I would post this beautiful poem anyway in celebration. It gave me a whole new level of appreciation for our dear patron.


Limbo by Fr. Richard, OFM

The ancient grayness shifted suddenly

and thinned like mist upon the moors before a wind.

An old, old prophet lifted a shining face and said:

“He will be coming soon. The Son of God is dead.

He died this afternoon.”

A murmurous excitement stirred all souls.

They wondered if they dreamed –

save one old man who seemed not even to have heard.

And Moses standing, hushed them all to ask

if any had a welcome song prepared.

If not, would David have the task?

And if they cared could not the three young children

sing the Benedicite, the Canticle of praise they made

when God kept them from perishing in the fiery blaze?

And there he was splendid as the morning sun

and fair, as only God is fair. And they, confused with

joy, knelt to adore, seeing that he wore five crimson

stars He never had before.

No canticle at all was sung. None toned a psalm,

or raised a greeting song.

A silent man of all that throng found tongue

not any other.

Close to his heart when the embrace was done

Old Joseph said: “How is your mother,

how is your mother, Son?”

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Yes, my friends, layering is still “in” and I am determined to learn how to work the style this summer. (Can you tell I’ve caught the fashion bug for spring/summer already?! In case you couldn’t tell, Lily is a shopping Barbie of sorts.) But to work the style you first have to own some decent layering tees.

I’ve found a couple places whose collection of tees I am impressed with, including Diviine ModesTee (the same company that makes the bathing suits for Divinita Sole). I really like their lacy collection.

The other company that makes nice layering tees is J. Crew. While I am not by any means advocating all the styles they offer, their tissue-weight and “perfect” tee collections are afforable, come in a number of colors, and are perfect for layering.


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How to wear this cute-as-a-button Spring trend:

I love the cropped swing jackets that are around this year. I find the style very flattering and unusual. They’re easy to wear as a light coat outside in the shoulder seasons, or just as a light coat around the office, with a warmer jacket over top for outside. But there are a couple of things to be aware of depending on your body type.

If you are long waisted, like me, there aren’t many problems. As long as the jacket is cropped, you should be able to wear it. But if you are short waisted, you need to be more careful.

The trick with a cropped swing is it should finish above the waistline. That way the volume of the jacket is contrasted with the slenderness (or the illusion of slenderness) of the waist. The hips can come out again at the bottom, and you create a silhouette in proportion (also great for girls with a small bust and big hips).

If you can’t see your waist below the bottom of the jacket, you could be in trouble. If you can’t see your waist, you’ve suddenly created a column of material that is wider than normal (from the swing) from your shoulders to your hips, which isn’t a flattering look on anyone.

If you have a short waist, seriously evaluate where the cropped jacket finishes on you (just below the bust is a good point). If you can’t see your waist, don’t buy or wear the jacket. If you’ve already bought one, don’t forget your local tailor (or you) can take up the bottom fairly easily.

Otherwise a cropped fitted cardigan may be a better.

(Hat tip: Individual Chic)

But how much do you want to invest in a trendy style? While you may be able to find a jacket on the cheaper side, most cost between $40 and $80. I’ve listed a few options below, including my favorite from Garnet Hill.

1) Isaac Mizrahi at Target. Silver birch color – $49.99

2) Laura Ashley. Watermelon Sorbet color – on sale for $55.99 from $79.99.

3) Garnet Hill. Cream color – $78


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As I was getting walking around campus yesterday the weather was so nice (almost 60 degrees!) that I was pondering getting back into my running schedule in time to shape up for summer once again. From there it was only a hop and a skip to start thinking about the dreaded bathing suit purchase…it seems next to impossible these days to find a modest bathing suit that actually looks nice. I’ve done some searching and have a few suggestions.

1) Land’s End has a broad range of choices, but most of the cute suits are tankinis now. I have one myself and love it; the downside is that the top reaches just to the waist and no further, making swimming somewhat uncomfortable.

2) Divinita Sole  offers some really gorgeous suits, and lots of choices for mixing and matching. Again, they are mostly tankinis, but in a longer length that would be more comfortable. Tops, bottoms and swim skirts are all reasonably priced.

3) Finally, I think the suits at modbe are my favorites. Yes, they are longer-length tankinis, but they are adorable! You can mix and match tops, bottoms, and swim skirts in a dozen or so pretty prints. Check it out. I think I am going to buy one for my beach vacation this year…although I’m not sure how practical pearls are on the beach. 🙂

(from modbe)


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Blessed John Mason – Martyr (+1591)

On the morning of November 8, 1591, the English Catholic layman John Mason came to the London home of (blessed) Father Edmund Genings (Honored on Dec. 10th)

Was Born at Kendal, Westmorland, England; and died in Tyburn, England by hanging drawing and quartering, a usual method for Catholics during the Elizabethan period in England.

Just as Father Gennings was reciting the words of consecration, the murderous Elizabethan agent and “priest catcher” Richard Topcliffe burst through the doors. John Mason and the other laymen present rose from their knees to thwart the advance of the notorious henchman and to protect the Eucharist from profanation. As one of the men wrestled with Topcliffe, both tumbled out the door and down the staircase. The priest (blessed) Polydore Plasden, who was also present, thereupon barred the door to give Father Gennings enough time to finish the Mass and consume the Eucharish before Topcliffe re-entered the room. Both priests and the Catholic laymen and women in attendance were thereafter taken into custody by Topcliffe, who was nursing both a bruised head and a bruised ego from his tumble.  On December 10, 1951, John Mason was executed for having helped Father Gennings to finish the Mass by keeping Topcliffe at bay.


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Prayer Request

I received this email from a good friend on Friday:

Tomorrow morning (like a mere 6 hours from now :), I leave for Haiti with five other guys from the seminary. We’ll be in Port-au-Prince and Hinche (rural Haiti) at an orphanage and a hospice for the next week. I’m really excited about it. So anyway, if you could pray for us, for our safety, for the people we will be meeting, and that our experience opens our eyes and hearts in new ways, that would be really amazing!! Know that you all will be in my prayers too throughout this week.

Please keep these guys in your prayers for the next week.

By the way, I’ve posted a link to the photos from the Mount under the comments on Rose’s post “My Experience at Mount 2008”. Enjoy!


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