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I don’t know how many people have heard or read about this but in Aurora, IL the largest abortion clinic in America has been built. And no one of morals is taking it lightly. Read here.

Luckily due to the disgusting way that Planned Parenthood conducted itself while the clinic was being built Pro-lifers have been able to take the issue to court: …”Planned Parenthood snuck into town,” remarked League Communication Director Eric Scheidler, who lives in Aurora. “They were nearly finished building this place before we learned about it. We haven’t got much time to stop them, but we’re doing all we can.”…

“…dubbed the “Abortion Fortress” because of its high brick walls, bulletproof glass and numerous security cameras—[the clinic] was built under the name “Gemini Medical Office.”…”

To read the full report go here

The protests were the first tip off to authorities that a law had been breached who could then set about righting the wrong to their state and government laws. This is the result of the suit brought against the PP

AURORA, September 21, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A federal judge yesterday struck down a motion by Planned Parenthood to force the opening of their newly-built abortion clinic in Aurora, Illinois against the will of city officials.
(To read where I got that snippet go here)
Of course they will do their best to fight this ruling. But, all throughout America a 40 day vigil has started to not only close down this abortion fortress but abortion mills all over the country. In my own district such a thing has started and I am happy to say that a website has also been born to facilitate it.

With such underhanded tactic as those used by PP how can we refuse to act? This time there will be no turning the other cheek, because this time it’s more than just another battle; this is war.

Where will you stand?



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Poppy, here — another of St. Joseph’s lilies!

I would like to share a blog that I visit almost daily: The Dawn Patrol, website of that pure-hearted provocateur Dawn Eden. In it, the author of The Thrill of the Chaste celebrates those aspects of our culture that support human flourishing all the while using her incredible wit to reduce iniquitous influences to a moldy smear. She’s fun, smart, chatty and well-informed. Enjoy!

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Focus on Fashion: Mudd Heels

I just bought this shoe from Mudd about three weeks ago, and I absolutely adore it. It has a nice high heel with the trendy stacked sole, is uber-comfortable even after a day of wear, and even better – they are afordable! Check it out and buy yourself a pair.


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The new kid


None of you know me but I hope to change all that. Let’s start with names; I’m Ivy.

See? now we’re all like old friends, or old enemies, I’m not particular. I am a relation of Lily and her sisters, they gave me the ol’ go ahead to be part of this little thing they got going. I Hope to be able to give much to this blog, I’ll be doing my best to do everything but disappoint.

Until I have more to say to you I sign off:


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To be absolutely honest, this book, When God Asks For an Undivided Heart by Andrew Apostoli, CFR, is among the top three or four books that have affected my life most. Read with a prayerful spirit, the book teaches the meaning of celibacy, a concept important for both those considering religious life and lay people to understand. It is an easy read – maybe it will take two days – but will change your life. I can promise that.

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