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Present the Gift

Why not make a formal consecration of your pure heart to the protection of St. Joseph? This is a wonderful, visual way to signify your intent to live the life of a Lily, always seeking to be “pure in heart” so that you may “see God” through contemplation and in the world around you.

It sounds silly, but really you can do it in any way you like. I make a little wrapped gift out of a little jewelry box (the type with the flip-up lid that necklaces come in), placed it in front of my statue of St. Joseph on the altar in my bedroom, and said an informal prayer of my own imagining, explaining the little gift and entrusting my heart to the protection of St. Joseph.

This gift looked like this:

Although it isn’t necessary, I would strongly suggest doing the same. The colorful gift-wrapped box in front of the St. Joseph statue is a great visual reminder to me when I am home in the morning and at night.

If you don’t feel comfortable coming up with your own for one reason or another, this ancient prayer to St. Joseph is beautiful and gets the job done.

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Welcome to St. Joseph’s Lilies

I was inspired today to form a little haven for Catholic girls seeking a pure heart in the modern world. It is these brave young women I term “St. Joseph’s Lilies”. At this point, my idea is that the blog will contain tidbits of interest to the Lilies from the news and the web about culture, modest fashion, discernment, movies, music, books, and the Church as well as my own meager meditations in the hopes that any (or all) of these can be of help. Please offer your ideas for posting as well via comments – I will be reading all for moderating purposes.

It is only fair that I share a little about myself: I am a twenty-one year old cradle Catholic, attending a moderately-sized Catholic university. For the past year and a half I have been actively (and carefully!) discerning a call to the religious life, but am definitely fond of the opposite sex and at this point am equally as open to welcoming a real-life “St. Joseph” into my life. Who knows? Every day I simply work to conform my life with the words of the Blessed Virgin: “May it be done unto me according to Thy word.” Please, poke around the beginnings of this site, post a comment with your thoughts on the blog project, and stay tuned!

My younger sister and lovely goddaughter will be joining me as well as an author on this blog, but I will let her introduce herself and her spiritual journey when she likes.

Comments will be moderated. Also, please feel free to post any prayer requests and I will include them on the request page.

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