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This is Rose’s first contribution to the site, the contribution of her fantastic talents in photography and in using Photoshop for her creations. The picture is of our god-sister (my parents’ goddaughter) Isabella, thoroughly content to watch her Daddy – her “King” in the words of St. Therese of Lisieux – work in the backyard. Precious.


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This is probably all going to sound ridiculously common sensical and silly, but it hit me like a bolt of lightening. It was a wierd feeling – electrifying almost – I felt like my soul was threatening to fly right out of my body. Here is the passage I was reading at the time (one I’ve read many times before but it never struck me like this):

“Listen, O daughter, give ear to my words:
forget your own people and your father’s house.
So will the king desire your beauty:
he is your lord, pay homage to him.

And the people of Tyre shall come with gifts,
the richest of the people shall seek your favor.
The daughter of the king is clothed with splendor,
her robes embroidered with pearls set in gold.

She is led to the king with her maiden companions.
They are escorted amid gladness and joy;
they pass within the palace of the king.”

I believe God used this passage to give me new insight (new to me) into the Sacrament of Marriage. I have been praying for a deeper understanding of the Sacrament for a while now. Bear with me. I (and every other godly woman) is this princess, the daughter of the Eternal Christ the King. As such we deserve only the best in marriage. One way to know if a man is the right one is to ask oneself: “Do I – as a woman, daughter of the Eternal King Himself, as daughter of the Queen of Heaven Mary Immaculate – love and admire this man enough to leave my earthly father (my figure of the Eternal King) to be this new man’s princess, sitting at his feet and paying homage to him? Not homage as a servant, that is, but as an admirer of his position as earthly figure of the King and as special chosen carrier – vessel – of his future. Just as the Church on earth ministers to its Lord, carrying Christ’s Word and authority into the world, so also in marriage.

Well, there you have it, for all the good it can do you. It seems to fit right into my personal meditations on the Three Fiats of Mary I read about: (1) The Fiat to Creation, of placing oneself in God’s hands with perfect trust; (2) The Fiat to God, making the promise to do and love His Will; and (3) the Fiat to man (e.g. husband). I think it is this last that I finally understood at least in a small way.

If any “fella” has thoughts on the Sacrament of Marriage, it would be wonderful to hear the male perspective!

+ Lily

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I recently discovered the Red Dress Shoppe, which carries retro (and mostly modest) styles for fairly inexpensive prices. This skirt, the “Sadie” is my favorite.

Check it out!

+ Lily

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Another Flower Joins the Garden!

I thought I may as well introduce myself, so…Hello, my name is Honeysuckle and I have a passion for glorifying Our Lord by dressing modestly and I wish to make a difference in the lives of other girls by trying to show them what purity is all about as I learn myself. I love the idea Lily has of becoming one of St. Joseph’s lilies, and consecrated myself to him when she told me about it. I have already found he is helping me in different ways; whether that is by simply making me aware of the little things I can do to further my purity and modesty in my everyday life. I will much enjoy posting about my little experiences and thoughts I have throughout the day in the hopes to help other girls in our struggle.

~Honeysuckle ❤

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Seduction of a Soul: Free Verse


1. The Light of Mercy

nearly smothered in a young girl’s soul.

Mashing fists into eyes vainly

to erase the memory of her sin.

God is Love, the priest reminds her.

A ray of Light cuts through her soul;

A Prodigal Daughter

cries in a darkened box.

2. Ah! the fragility

of newly-awakened faith

nearly shatters before a feeling

of hypocrisy.

Who is this Virgin Mother?

Unsatisfactory, ludicrous answers?

The High Church calls.

Distance in confusion.

3. An earthly Father

dressed all in black

Dead to himself

Takes the drifting soul.

Firmly he directs

Wayward Reason and Faith.

“Pray for understanding of His Mother.”

She prays.

4. Prayers heard.

An October homily spurs

a revolutionary change in life.

The Rosary.

Our Lady comes personally

to introduce the girl

to her Son for renewal.

The world shatters into peace.

5. Whispers through the words

printed in the Book.

Sweet somethings, of such substance

Only the Word can speak them.

He shows the girl her life

In light of this new blindness

to all but Him.

Her journey granted meaning.


 What do you think? Are any of the passages too ambiguous?

+ Lily

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Envoy Magazine is back, thanks to financial backing from Belmont Abbey College! This magazine, the dream of every apologist, has been on hiatus (much to my chagrin) for several years. Go to the website and request a free copy!

+ Lily

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Whispers of YHWH

Taken at the Grand Canyon, Summer 2007. I prayed until I came up with the title, “Whispers of YHWH”. It just kept coming up in my head…conjures up images/meditations of Moses, the burning bush, and Elijah. Post a comment and let me know what your meditations are on the photo!

+ Lily

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